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Saifuddin & Co have been my accountants for over 20 years . I have owned several businesses in the catering industry in Central London with annual turnovers of £300K.

Saifuddin & Co have provided me with an efficient and reliable bookkeeping and accounting service dealing with VAT and PAYE returns, company accounts and tax. All I do is hand over the paperwork confident that they will deal with everything in time.

I am the proprietor of a small decorating business based in Bromley with a current annual turnover of £120K.

Saifuddin & Co have been my accountants for over 10 years providing an efficient and personal service dealing with my accounts and filing of self assessment tax returns. Although I do my own bookkeeping, payroll and VAT returns they are always available to offer advice and deal with queries that arise from time to time.

I am the director of a construction company based in Bexleyheath, Kent.

Saifuddin & Co have been my company’s accountants for over 20 years. I just hand over all the bank statements, invoices and bills etc. every quarter and they do all the bookkeeping, payroll, contractors returns and VAT, prepare the company accounts and corporation tax. I have been through VAT and PAYE inspections with HMRC with no issues arising. They handle all the accounts letting me concentrate on running the business.